Monique's platform is built on these foundations
Expansion of Health Care Options
Safe & Improved Public Schools

"Democracy works when we work for it, when we fight for it
and when we demand it."
- Stacey Abrams

Here's how we get there...


  • NC is one of the poorest ranking states when it comes to safeguards for renters. We need more balanced Landlord Tenant policies which protect renters from expeditious and wrongful evictions.

  • We need attractive and assorted housing that fit the financial needs of low to moderate income families. I believe NC has an obligation to ensure housing options that are safe, habitable, stay affordable and allow people to live in dignity.

  • NC should revitalize all distressed communities and not gentrify.  In the revitalization process, the redeveloped community should have no less than 40% of its small business ownership coming directly from the residents who live in the municipal district.

  • Create Tax Fairness Policies.

  • Property payment installment options for long term owner occupants.

  • Better tax abatement policies for long term owner occupants.

  • I believe NC should provide the highest attainable standard of health care. On every level, we deserve the most comprehensive plans NC can offer. No longer can we be gridlocked on the expansion of health care options for state employees, small business owners, working families and our most vulnerable populations. 

  • Support healthcare needs to be specific to women & their reproductive rights.

  • Expand Medicaid & provide comprehensive, low-cost and top knot health plans that are inclusive of dental, hearing and vision plans.


I've created options to close the health care gap since 2011.  Click the link below to view an example of my contribution that was presented to government officials, lobbyist and advocacy groups:

  • The most direct path that will lead to safe and improved schools requires a wage increase for educators, teaching assistants and support staff from bus drivers to counselors.

  • Eliminate barriers that are prohibiting ALL from receiving a quality, meaningful & comprehensive education.

  • Fully fund public education resources for teachers and programs for Pre-K and K-12th grade.

  • Improved public education includes 21st Century facilities, a plan to globally build talented and high performing students, and develop programs that foster healthier and trusting relationships between educators and parents.

  • NC has some of the world’s most impressive colleges & universities in the nation. We need secondary education that mirrors the advancements of its higher education institutions.